Preparation for Prayer: Focus on God’s love for us as  personal, detailed and in-depth. We need confidence that God’s love for us is real. God is vitally and intensely involved in our day-to-day circumstances. Even though we may not sense it on our own-we live by faith and not by sight.

    Holy Spirit, you love me in a personal, detailed and in-depth way. I cast every care and concern on you that I have about my life, career, family and friends. You can care for all my needs with resources beyond my understanding. I need courage. I need more faith. Direct my path so that I may not become a stumbling block. I choose this day to humble myself. I long to serve you and allow you to reign in my life. Amen.


Scripture: Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things unseen. Hebrews 11:1 NRSV

Humility is one of the benchmarks of Christianity. We humble ourselves before Jesus Christ. We are not our own. We belong to Christ. He ransomed and purchased us. He paid our price. Life to us is meaningless without him. Our Christian vitality and intensity come from his wellspring of grace. We are certain of our salvation and have faith that God has the last word in all things. So, we work toward God’s purpose and plan. We do not have authority to direct our own path but wholly trust and lean into God’s plan. This truth may sound absolutely terrifying to you. It should. God is all-powerful but he will not ambush you or try to control you. He waits for you to humble yourself. Then you will see his glory. He is the everlasting God. Trust him.

As you pray: Recall God’s covenants: 1.Adam, 2.Noah, 3-4.Abraham-for the land and by faith, 5. the People of Israel, 6. King David, and 7. with us through Jesus Christ. Remember all God as already accomplished. Consider your calling and role in God’s Kingdom. Humble yourself and ask him for direction for your life. Pray for humility and direction for Wheatland that we might find favor and become the church God desires us to become.

AuthorJustin Sommer