Preparation for Prayer:

Lord, grant me the wisdom to understand your generosity through the scripture provided. Open up my soul to come to know where you are at work within me and our church so that our heart begins to mirror yours. Thank you for leading, convicting, inspiring and transforming me as I yearn to follow your ways in all I do.  Amen.

Scripture Reading:

[The Lord said to Moses,] “With his own hands he is to bring the offering made to the Lord by fire...” (Leviticus 7:30)


In the first several chapters, a certain phrase appears again and again that will interest the generous giver: “Bring an offering” (Leviticus 1:2, 2:8, etc). These chapters detail many of the ways people were asked to give to the Lord, along with a description of how that offering should be presented, what it meant, and what the priest would do with it.

Leviticus 7:28 describes the fellowship offering—an expression of thanksgiving or gratitude—to be brought to the tabernacle “with (one’s) own hand.” In other words, it is not something to be delegated or done impersonally. Someone who wanted to acknowledge that he has been blessed with abundance expressed his thanks by carrying his offering himself to the priest. Through it, the Israelites were reminded of a deeply personal element to their expression of faith and generosity.

Part of this offering was to go to the priests, who were charged with maintaining the spiritual life of the community (Leviticus 7:31, 35-36). The message? At the core of the spiritual life of any group of people, there must be some organization and some appointed people to keep it going. Giving to the Lord and to His purposes means giving toward this “spiritual overhead.”

What is most interesting about the detailed instructions that dominate Leviticus is how seriously the act of generous giving is taken in their corporate spiritual life. As the architecture of their walk with God is developed, giving and the way it is to be done are at the center of faith.

Reflecting Moments

1. What are our offerings to God like? Do we bring them thoughtfully or in an off handed way? What is our attitude toward giving to the church? Do we resent it? Do we trust our church leaders?


After reflecting, bring your prayers and petitions to the Lord for yourself and the ministries of the church – children, student, adult, mission, worship, outreach, congregational care, the leadership, etc. Please ask our God to shower His favor and generous blessings on us so that we can generously love the church, our community and world.



AuthorJustin Sommer