Treasure Bears

We all know the comfort a teddy bear brings to a child, but to someone who has lost a loved one a Treasure Bear is a lasting reminder that promotes healing, comfort and ultimately, a celebration of life.  The mission of the Treasure Bear Ministry is to promote healing during the later stages of grieving by making a Treasure Bear as a memorial to a loved one.  

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Familiar questions:

Q.  How long is the event?

A.  You'll design, create and fill your bear over two consecutive weekends on those Saturdays  from 9-11 a.m. at either the Naperville or Oswego campus.

Q.  Do I need to know how to sew?

A.  No. We have a slew of Mama Bears who are expert sewers, designers and care givers. However, we have had people who know how to sew and are welcome to participate. What's memorable is that every person has the opportunity to sew up the final openings after they fill their bear.

Q.  Is there a cost?

A.  No, there is no cost as we have a number of financial backers who support us. Some guests have gifted us financially but that is not expected.    

Due to the preparation and planning, we can not accept walk-ins. Reservations are required prior to the event. Make a reservation by emailing Barb, or calling 630.674.9341




Photo Credit: Maegondo via Compfight cc