Opiate Recovery

Recovery from opiates is a long, difficult process and Wheatland is committed to making recovery available to all who seek help and support in changing their lives. 

Wheatland offers two options every Thursday @ 7:00p.m.:

Naperville campus 1852 95th Street, Naperville, IL 60564

Opiate Recovery group for addicts - Room #149
Opiate Recovery and Opiate Family Support - Sanctuary

For more info:

email: Tim R. or call 312.502.8671

or read his Hope Statement below:

Why am I doing this?  I let my drinking and drug addiction take me to the depths of hell.
My so called friends were the hounds of hell.  We caused chaos, anarchy and destruction to everyone who crossed our paths.  I was a self-center, and selfish person, life was all about me.
I did not grow up in a bad family; I always had good jobs, a nice house, wife and four wonderful kids.  I destroyed all of that, not only with my drinking and drug use but my heroin addiction took me to places, at times, I do not want to discuss but I need too.  This helps keep me sober.
My hope is that if I can reach one person a day, with a shade of hope to walk away from the drugs, get right with their God and living a true life of honesty things will get better one day at a time.
 My journey landed me twice in the Illinois Department Of Corrections, the big house, the joint.
In my last journey to prison I found my God and my calling.  To give back and help others who were just like me. My wife of 17 years divorced me, I lost our dream house to foreclosure and all respect from my kids and the few friends I had left. 
Today I am 100% clean and sober thanks to my own efforts, a 12 step program, my God and some great people.  My mission is to give back in any way, shape or form.  Not only from the addict who still suffers but with the parents who have an addict causing pain and heartache in their lives.  I also have a 20 year old son lost in his addiction. We are a community and we need to help each other out.  That is why I do what I do!