Manage Your Money God's Way

Manage Your Money God's Way is a new way to take a look at our life and how we view money.

Wheatland-Salem Church Stewardship & Finance Committee announces the next in a series of educational seminars and workshops to help you manage your money God’s way and to enable your journey to financial freedom...

The seminars are the 2nd Monday of every other month beginning in January.  Then, we will provide a workshop the following month on the same topic the month before on the second Saturday of the month.  This will enable you to have more individualized attention and get some personal questions answered about the specific topic.

Please join us at the Naperville Campus for a Manage Your Money God's Way seminar and/or workshop:

Social Secrity Seminar - January 10

Social Security Workshop - February 11

Paying for College Seminar - March 14

Paying for Workshop - April 8