Our new sermon series, Crave, is based on Erwin McManus' book Soul Cravings. We will be exploring the cravings God has placed within us to drive us toward him. We are excited to offer three ways to dive deeper into this topic through Crave Groups. So what are they?



If you are already participating in or leading a small group, we have materials to help you follow along with the teaching series as it's presented on Sunday mornings. If you want more of what we're dishing out, this material is for you.

If you would simply like to try a small group and not make a large commitment, then you can join the 3-session Crave Groups. These are designed to give you a trial run with small groups featuring easy-to-follow "Crave" materials [DVDs].

If small groups isn't your thing but you love to eat, then consider joining a one-time dinner party. Whether you host or just show up hungry, this might be the group for you.

Downloadable Small Group Guides

3 Session (DVD) Group