Jumpstart Sunday | Tailgate Party

Sunday, September 7 | both campuses | tailgating cookout after all services | Naperville campus services at 10 a.m. (one contemporary/one traditional) | Oswego campus service at 10 a.m. | Contact Kim Neace for more information

Jump Start Sunday is our annual event to jump start the fall which is hosted at either of our worship locations. This year, we'll be tailgating in the parking lot(s) after service. Invite your friends and neighbors and stake out your spot with a grill and a tent.

If you aren't sure how to tailgate, here's some helpful tips:


1. Tailgate is B.Y.O.E.
Bring your own everything. At minimum, you'll need food and a way to cook it. (we recommend a grill with choice meats and/or vegetables) If you want the full experience (also recommended), you'll want to bring just about everything but the proverbial kitchen sink. A tent, chairs, drinks, sides, your own game of bags...everything. if you think it would be great to have, then you've gotta bring it!

2. It's a community thing
You should buddy up with another family or a few friends. Each tailgating station should be able to support more than one family. This helps. You can share the supplies and the cooking and the preparation responsibilities. It's a great way to connect with one another. Don't fly solo. There's more fun in sharing.

3. It's not fancy
It's pretty simple. You cluster up your vehicles with some friends and lay out a picnic right there in the parking lot. Why do this? When you attend an event, there is often a lack of certain community elements (everyone sits in seats and faces the same direction). Tailgating allows you to pack in a cookout surrounding your event (for us, it's worship). It gets you in small groups to share a meal and hang out before (or in our case, after) the event. 

4. Bring a little extra

We anticipate that we'll have first-time visitors on that Sunday. We also anticipate that some will come to worship without any knowledge of the tailgating. There will even be some folks that simply can't get everything together to participate (maybe their grill broke!). In any case, would you please consider bringing a little extra so that all who come will be able to join in on the celebration?