Haiti Short Term Mission 2014 (Day 10)

So we come to the end of another Haiti Mission by serving at Pastor Vincent's mission in Citi Sole'. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly I become "Haitian." By becoming "Haitian " I mean tolerant of things never going as planned. Today it was transportation that was an hour late, a bus with two flat tires and finally, 8-10 people piled into a short bed pick up truck to go eight miles. The teams response sums it up, "Oh well, It's Haiti."

We eventually did arrive to a building filled with school age children (over 1000) who chanted and waited patiently for a plate of beans and rice. This is the Haitian staple and we were blessed to enhance it with a piece of chicken. The team also provided each child a gift bag composed of a toothbrush, some toothpaste, a bar of soap and a few Jolly Ranchers. I'm sure this gift bag would have brought frowns in the states but the smiles of the Haitian children expressed their gratitude in a way that was simply overwhelming. 

I was especially touched this year by a little 4 year old girl. she was dressed in what looked like a white first communion dress carrying a chicken drumstick. Her smile, as her older brother encouraged her to keep moving with the line made me think of all the smiles on the Wheatland Salem Kid's Club children. I will never forget the pride in the group of kids and leaders as they shared the amount of money raised for these feedings. Their joy in raising the funds could only be matched by the satisfaction on the Haitian children's faces. It was a great day. 

It has also been a great trip! The team accomplished all it set out to do and then some. We held feedings in both Gressier and Port Au Prince. We shared the gospel with over 400 people, provided meals to over 2000, played soccer with hundreds of kids and continued to foster and build relationships with our Haitian partners. We were also blessed with a great team willing to lay it on the line one more time. Each person on the trip shared "God Moments" throughout the week. The evening devotions from our "CRAVE" message series had us all thinking about our intimacy, meaning and destiny with God as well as our ministry in Haiti. We wondered aloud about the next generation of soccer missionaries because Haiti has come along way but the work is nowhere close to complete. It will require more time and dedication to further the relationships and teaching we have begun. 

Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti, our ministry partners and future short term missionaries because God is changing the world through our availability and willingness to go and do in Jesus's name. 

Pastor Bob