Rise Internship

Leadership calls us to rise above and to be an influence every day. Ever person has the ability to lead, they are just need the opportunities to do so. The Rise Internship is an opportunity for students to take their ministry and move it in a way that is leading culture and not following. It is a chance for students to Rise and take control of the ministry in Wheatland Student Ministry. This gives students not only a chance to make an impact, but to also challenge themselves as they grow. It gives a place for discipleship, teaching growth, leadership, and involvement in the Church. This internship gives students complete freedom in shaping Wheatland Student Ministry through the gifts that they have all been given. 


Summer Semester: June 1st and goest through August 1st

Fall Semester: August 15-January 15th

Spring Semester: February 1 - May 15th

*Applications are due 15 days before start date of Internship

Benefits from the Internship:

  • Opportunity to influence and form the Wheatland Student Ministry
  • Personal Leadership Development
  • Learning about Prioritizing
  • One on one mentoring 
  • Growth in your relationship with God
  • Opportunity to work along side the Wheatland Salem Church Staff
  • Opportunity to learn more about full time ministry

Joining the Team:

Our program is built in a way that is brings in 2 high school age , and 1 college age intern for each campus.  All students have the potential to be leaders in their lives, and if you are not selected to join the team now please apply again as we move on to our next student internship. If you have more questions e-mail Justin Sommer.