The new parking lot project has come about because of persistence in prayer. Watch the video below for details of how and why we're adding some much needed parking space at Oswego campus.

To Donate:

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Step 3: in the AMOUNT section, choose FACILITY/PARKING DONATION
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Step 4: fill in the remainder of the form and click SUBMIT

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the $30,000 parking lot investment cover?
The investment covers the plan, plus budgeted costs for materials, installation, upkeep and safe crossing for the remainder of this fiscal year. The $30,000 represents a very conservative estimate for the project. However, the church board and finance teams wanted to be fully accountable and transparent.

What happens with the excess if we raise more than $30,000 dollars or the project comes in under budget?
We will store the resources for any future unexpected planning, project or campus needs.

How long is this agreement?
The agreement is for three years.

What happens after three years?
The agreement becomes renewable on a year-to-year basis.

The area that we are using for parking is bigger than 1/2 acre (roughly 4+ acres). Will we be able to use the rest of the acreage?
Yes. The farmer is allowing us to use the property for ministry and other opportunities that will come our way. We already have a youth outreach event planned for the end of October.

What do we forgo by allowing the farmer to farm our property?
We have been receiving a $2,000 donation per year for our 10 acres.

Were there other options for parking?
We met with all the neighbors whose property touches ours. Four out of the five were not interested. We also had reviewed a busing option. However, a transportation plan from Oswego East High School seemed inconvenient, unwelcoming and costly.