Wheatland University

August 6 - September 3

Series Big Idea - What sets Wheatland Apart? It's a similar question people ask when they search for a college or university. Each of the ministry directors will preach during this series helping the congregation to see how in their ministry area we at Wheatland are raising up people who love God, love others, and change the world by becoming devoted, connected, and generous followers of Jesus Christ. The Church in Colosse learned how to establish solid Christian community in the midst of a religiously diverse culture. The Church faced obstacles together. Right belief in Jesus Christ can produce strong marriages and families. Empowered Next Generation leaders reveal great first generation decisions to equip and coach them. Christ's freedom allows all to worship and authentic Christian community set this group apart. The Wheatland University Series is a place to learn not only the basics but how to live a Christ-honoring life in a way that is attractive to the culture around us.

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