Student Ministry Internship

Student Ministry Internship


Summer Internship is designed to give you a taste of ministry. Jesus had a servant’s heart, and calls us to be like him [John 13:14-15]. We are not looking for students searching for recognition, status, position or reward. We are looking for servants who want to demonstrate love for the sake of the kingdom of God [John 13:34-35]. 


The purpose of Summer Internship is to expose students to ministry. 


The goal of Summer Internship is to increase students’ love and worship of Jesus and to help them grow in maturity in Christ, through the serving of others and study of His word and growth together [Ephesians 5:15-21; Colossians 1:28].


  • Must have the ability to transport themselves and/or arrange their own transportation. 
  • Must be a consistent and growing example of Jesus. 
  • Must be a part of Midweek regularly.
  • Must work well in teams and alone.
  • Must be self-motivated.
  • Must be incoming 8th grade - 19 years old.
  • Must be punctual. 


  • Commitment to all WSM events, activities and programs. 
  • Commitment to Summer Internship schedule.
  • Commitment to serve Christ and his people.
  • Commitment to studying God’s word. 


Summer Internship runs from June 9 - August 17. 


Over the course of the term, each intern will be responsible for one big project to be completed by the end of the term. This project can be a summer/fall event, building project or outreach project. Once details are discussed with Nick, interns will craft a workflow and plan for their project.



There will be 3 main work days for Interns totally to approx 15 hrs/week. The breakdown is as follows:


9AM - 1PM - Serve

Interns will get there early, and stay late on Sunday, assisting, serving and helping wherever help is needed. Specific, consistent roles will be determined based on abilities. 


10AM - 5PM - Serve

Interns will spend most of the day of Midweek helping the WSM team prep for Midweek, summer events, trips, and assist in the needs of WSM.



10-11:30AM - Group Study / Discussion / Prayer

Over the course of Summer Internship, we will be studying, praying and meditating through scripture, reading Hug Halters Flesh, and focusing on the servant heart of Jesus empowered by the Holy Spirit. Interns will also be journalling through their intern process and bible study and we will discuss progress.

12-2PM - Serve

Extra serve time, if needed.

*Times and day may shift throughout the summer due to camps, activities, out of town schedules, etc. For any planned out of town times for students, they will keep up with their reading, studying and journalling.