Let's Risk The Ocean

Lake Michigan.JPG

Saturday, I was at Lake Michigan. It's huge. I'm actually quite terrified of large bodies of water. I don't know what it is - probably just that they are massive and we cannot control them. 

In order to feed my fear of the large lake, I decided to do a quick web search to see just how deep it is. (why do mobile devices even work on the beach?) 922 feet. That's about 3 football fields down. Scary. 

As I was sitting comfortably on the warm sand I watched as a couple of people were launching a boat out onto the surf. I suppose they hadn't just done a web search for how deep the lake is - they must be insane, I thought. There had been storms and the wind was high and the lake was extremely choppy. When they first got out, it looked like they were going nowhere. They just sort of sat there being tossed by the waves bobbing up and down. But then they put up a small sail and though it was rough at first, eventually they were off.

I was meditating about how God is kind of like a large body of water. He's out there and maybe the whole God thing seems massive, uncontrolled, rough and scary. And you can sit safely on the beach and just watch at an arms (or more) length. But then you never really get to experience what his love is all about. 

So what can we do? I suppose we just get in the boat and put up a sail. I'm confident that if we give God a try and let his love be our life's guide, then there's an entire ocean - an unending sea - of love, grace, blessing, and forgiveness. 

Check out Sometimes by the David Crowder* Band. We sang it last Sunday.