What's With That Cross?


If you've been to one of our campuses in the last few weeks, you may have noticed that our normally displayed cross has been replaced with a cross constructed from loose planks. The planks have various words and drawings on them.

Here's why. Starting July 1, we unpacked a teaching series entitled "Ethos" based on our 5 values. On several of the weeks, we asked you to respond in some way to that week's topic by writing or drawing on a plank of wood. The final week (worship) rather than have you respond on a plank, we constructed the planks into a cross and raised it up on that Sunday morning. 

The point is that our values, our ethos (culture), together are firmly planted in the hope of Jesus Christ and represented each week by the cross displayed in the midst of our worship.  We're going to keep the crosses up for a while. I hope you like them.