New Day

On any given day our church facilities are being utilized by countless numbers of children, youth, and adults.  Moms and dads drop off their children and students to receive exemplary Christian education at Wheatland Salem Christian Academy and Covenant Classical School.  Vulnerable men and women meet weekly in our buildings seeking hope, healing, and wholeness through recovery groups.  A new generation of leaders is being nurtured through boy scout and girl scout programs housed within our walls.  On every day of the week people like you come through our doors looking to encounter God and nurture a more devoted, connected, and generous life with Jesus.

Our facilities are vital in helping us to reach people with the Gospel.  In a real way our facilities can be an embodiment of our core convictions and values.  We believe in a God who is welcoming and invitational.  We believe in a Savior who is incarnational in relationship.  We believe in a Church that is called to be evangelistic and growing.  We believe that the way we maintain and care for all we’ve been given is a mark of stewardship and faith.

For this reason we are launching a campaign called New Day.  The aim of New Day is to make significant improvements to our facilities in order to become more welcoming and hospitable as well as to foster deeper relational growth.  This is part of the vision God has for us in this New Day at Wheatland.

Now is your opportunity to make this vision a reality.  Our hope is to role out the refresh of our facilities in phases over the next three years.  Our target is for Phase One to begin this coming June.  To do this, we need you to give sacrificially and generously.

Naperville: Phase One

  • Replace existing carpeting and tile in hallways and entrance areas with luxury vinyl flooring.
  • Update hallways and entrance areas with fresh paint and a cohesive color palette. 
  • Create comfortable spots for conversation and relationship building with new furniture.
  • Install new LED lighting throughout hallways to make space more bright and energy efficient.

Oswego: Phase One

  • Replace front steps and exterior doors to improve our first impression and curb appeal.
  • Refresh and update the sanctuary and stage with new wood wall and fresh paint.
  • Replace existing carpeting in welcome areas and fellowship hall.
  • Update hallways and entrance areas with fresh paint and a cohesive color palette.
New Day with photos.png


We cannot enter into this New Day without your buy-in and generous support.  Consider giving a special year-end gift to help make this vision a reality.  Designate your offerings to the "Facility Reserve Fund" either online or on the memo line of your check.