Family Ministry

Wheatland Salem Church has a dedication to Love God, Love Others, and Change the world. We accomplish this by being a devoted, connected, and generous Christ follower. We at Wheatland also put a huge focus on the family, and the importance of experiencing your faith intergenerationally with both your home family and your church family. We strongly believe in the Orange Church philosophy, which brings in the picture that both home and church coming together to influence the world and generations to come.  Below here you can see resources that you can be using in your family today. 

Wheatland's Family Ministry

From infants on up we have a plan to partner with you as parents.  

Small Groups for Parents

We have some great small groups coming for parents to get plugged into!

More things

We encourage you to check out this "Parent Cue" website! It has lots of great things for parents to be looking at, and information that could help you out. So check it out!

Highlighted Blogs:

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