Young Adult Ministry

Every stage in life comes with new experiences and new challenges. During your young adult years, there are a lot of "firsts".  You may be having a "first" with buying a new car, or maybe your trying to figure out how to compile a grocery list. We believe that connecting with people during this part of your life, helps ease some of the stress and questions you may be having . No matter who you are it is great to get connected with someone that can understand what you are dealing with. We invite you to join us at Wheatland to walk with peers that understand where you are at in this part of your life. 


young adult group

Every second and fourth Sunday of the month we come together to discuss life. There are so many things in this world that compete for our time. Here we take the time to look at what being a Christian looks like, despite what all the world asks us to do. We look at current events, and our own lives to challenge that very thought. We are done sitting back and we are ready to go and do.  We invite you to come with us as we have these conversations.