Genuine: Living the Transformed Life (October 6 - 27)

Wheatland has a simple yet audacious mission: Love God. Love Others. Change the World. It’s the reason we’re here. Our mission doesn’t happen by accident. It takes time, intentionality, and practice to become a people who love well. It takes a transformed life. A transformed life is one that lives as a “genuine human being reflecting the God in whose image we are made.” Yet, transformation is a messy and imprecise business. It is a business where character, disciplines, wisdom, and faith play a far greater role than theories and techniques. “True formation comes from grace and by grace, channeled through our humbled efforts.” It is a God directed, Holy Spirit empowered, and Christ following process. We want to be genuine in our love. We want to live a transformed life.

Seeing Missions Through a New Lens (November 3 - 24)

Infuse Wheatland with a renewed local vision and passion for being transformed by the love of God, compelled by Christ to then share His love of people and ignite a church-wide desire to change the world through sharing the Love of God through the tools provided by Organic Outreach. We can also connect with our Faith Promise partners in an expanded vision for global evangelism.