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Starting September 16th Middle School Classes on Sunday mornings Confirmation is back. This year we are using the "Confirm" curriculum. Confirmation is for grades 6-8, and in this class we challenge the students to take their faith. It is no longer the parents faith, or their friends faith. We look at a wide range of topics in the curriculum that help students form their beliefs in faith. We invite your students to join us for this experience.

Confirmation Commitment

Much like anything else our students are involved with, we ask them to commit to being a part, and present at the Ministry. We ask that all 8th grade students, and parents sign our commitment. In the commitment we ask for students to be present, and if they can not attend on any given Sunday for one reason or another, that they would take the time to do the homework, so they can continue their faith journey at home. 


Did you Miss a week?

When you miss a week at confirmation we want you to be able to still look at the content. As the year starts this will all be here for you. 


1 | Confirmation in Service

8 | Looking Like God: The Imago Dei

15 | Hitting the Mark: Sin and Grace

22 | Game Show



5 | Confirmation in Service

12 | Two Natures, One Man: Who is…

19 | Small Group Day |BLAST

26 | What is Salvation?


1 | Confirmation in Service

8 | A Faith To Confirm

15 | A Faith To Live

22 | A Call to Follow

29 | Small Group Day


5 | Confirmation in Service

12 | Easter Sunday | NO GROUP

19 | A Story to Tell

24-26 | IGNITE Retreat | NO GROUP


3 | A Journey to Continue

10 | Confirmation Service Rehearsal

17 | Confirmation During Service

24 | Memorial Day Weekend

31 | Summer Group Starts