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Starting August 20th Middle School Classes on Sunday mornings Confirmation is back. This year we are using the new "Confirm" curriculum. Confirmation is for grades 6-8, and in this class we challenge the students to take their faith. It is no longer the parents faith, or their friends faith. We look at a wide range of topics in the curriculum that help students form their beliefs in faith. We invite your students to join us for this experience.

Confirmation Commitment

Much like anything else our students are involved with, we ask our middles schoolers to commit to being a part, and present at the Ministry. We ask that all students, and parents sign our commitment. In the commitment we ask for students to be present, and if they can not attend on any given Sunday for one reason or another, that they would take the time to do the homework, so they can continue their faith journey at home. 


This is a service in which our confirmands serve in. This service is geared towards families, and it a shorter service that goes from 9:00-9:45 on Sunday mornings at the Naperville Campus. At the bottom of this page your student can see when their class is serving by looking at the PHASE Help calendar. 

Did you Miss a week?

If you missed a week, we don't want you to miss out on the opportunity for you to grow you faith. We have created homework for your student to do when ever they miss a class. So just click on the week they missed and bring the homework into your teacher the next week you come.

Nov 5

Nov 12

Nov 19

Nov 29 (NO CLASS)

Dec 3

Dec 10

Dec 17 (Game Show Day)

Dec 24 (NO CLASS)

Dec 31 (NO CLASS)

Confirmation Calendars