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  • Weekly Devotionals start May 7th

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  • Meal sign-ups for REVIVE at both campuses

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Updated Bible Devotional list. Starting February 5th:

Week 1: That's Messed Up! Devotions From Time of Grace
Week 2: The Supremacy of Love
Week 3: Here be Lions - Only A Holy God
Week 4: Goliath Must Fall

Weekly Email Sign up:
 I will be sending out a weekly e-mail. You will only receive it if you subscribe to the email list by clicking here. Why would you want this e-mail? I want to open the door for you as parents to continue the conversation that we at REVIVE weekly in your homes. The email will contain the next 3 events you need to know about, what we talked about that week in REVIVE with conversations starters for you to have with your students, and 3 recommended articles that will talk about culture and other thoughts on parenting. You will only receive this e-mail if you opt-in to it. If you would like to receive that be sure to subscribe  

Calling all parents, your help is needed.

If you are willing to cook a meal or meals, for REVIVE, need is for both campuses. Use the following links to get your name on the calendar!

     Tuesday | Oswego:             Sign-up Here

     Wednesday | Naperville:     Sign-up Here

Summer Missions:
MIDDLE SCHOOL | June 17 - 21:  If your student is going to be in 5th - 8th grade Fall of 2019 we invite them to join us on our Illinois mission trip. To learn more about the trip and register by clicking here.
HIGH SCHOOL | July 20 - 27: If your student is going to be in 9th - College freshman Fall of 2019 we invite them to join us on our West Virginia Missions trip. To learn more and register by clicking here. 

May 5 | Illinois Team Building Event | NPR | 11:15 am - 1:00 pm 

May 19 | Confirmation Sunday | Both Campuses
If you have a confirmation student you will be receiving information about what you need.  

May 19 | HS Team building | NPR | 11:15 am - 1:00 pm
If you are going on the high school mission trip we will see you at this meeting! Lunch will be provided! 

June 4 & 5 | Welcome Fall of 2019 6th graders | OSW & NPR | 6:00pm-8:30pm
We invite parents and new 6th graders to join us for a meeting at 6:00, then stay for the night!

June 7 | Slip-n-Slide Kickball | NPR | 5:45 pm
This event is free! We will have grilled hot dogs and of course a great time! There is no cost, but you must fill out a registration. Click Here!