An Update from the Middle East [goats]

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There have been 340 goats distributed to 68 beneficiary families. The families all have been trained in herdsman-ship. We ended up going with 5 goats per family instead of 4 for the sake of sustainability. We hope to distribute the last batch of goats before the end of the year. The only significant issue with our distribution is safety. Friends of ours were kidnapped near the area we serve because of their connection to Christ. Please pray for their release.

Our missionaries are serving cultures that are intolerant of Christianity, so, any reference to the Faith can be extremely dangerous. The following story is just one of families Wheatland has helped through our generosity.

Mahyoob Obaid is a destitute 57 year-old man who belongs to the marginalized class of people in this country who have darker skin due to their African heritage.  Mahyoob has no real support and cannot seem to get a job or find work (something that is very common in the marginalized class due to the racial prejudice that exists in the job market and in society as a whole).  He has a wife, four daughters and two sons to provide for.  Mahyoob applied for and received a mini goat heard of five adult females from our project over a year ago, and now he considers these goats a part of the family.  He says even though these goats cannot yet provide for all of his family's needs, they are a huge help and his life situation is much better now because of it.  When his goats give birth to a female, he raises it to maturity and then gives it back to the NGO so that is can be combined with other repayments and then passed on to another family so the cycle can continue. Whenever Mahyoob's goat herd gives birth to a male, he raises it so that he can turn around and sell it in order to buy flour, oil, and sugar for his family. Mahyoob is full of appreciation and hope as he shares about this project and compares his state before and after: 'This is truly a dream come true. My life and my family's situation is so much better than it used to be!'"