Poland Update

The past months have been different for us! After a few years of developing the impact of the Leadership Institute and having many different activities, we decided not to add anything else but continue our ministry for leaders in three areas; character, skills and innovation but go on a deeper level with each of these!


January was a month of planning and developing a new Character Development Program but going deeper and answering the question; where is the place of my involvement within the local church? We started  the first edition in February with 25 people, mainly from our church, and result was amazing.

  •  Difference of this program is that we focused on helping develop church leaders.


We continue working with John Maxwell and a higher level in this area as well. We have accepted two invitations to do something on a higher level.

  • The Polish government created a school for young people willing to become not only politicians but people of society influence. They asked us to take responsibility for teaching them what it means to be a leader led by values.
  • One of the polish Universities decided to open an MBA Program in Leadership, and they asked us to oversee this program. It has been a lot of work, but in this way our Institute became one of the creators of something very new in Poland. This is the very first MBA in Leadership in Poland.


In this area we do not have too many changes (innovations J) but we continue our ministry organizing the Global Leadership Summit.  The only new thing will be to have more polish speakers at the summit.  Another thing which I am very proud of is that the worship team from our church is going to lead worship during The Polish Global Leadership Summit.


  • Camps - It has been another miracle. After opening the registration process for children, which we do with Wheatland Salem Church in Naperville, it took less than 3 weeks to have 60 children. Since we do those camps with you, we can’t explain that but we can see great growth and many more parents are willing to send children for our camps. We have now two families in our church because of camps, but also we've been able to start a Youth Center, which is mainly for those who took part in our camps.


Thank You – We can see how blessed we are because of partnering with you (Wheatland Salem Church)! We can see a change in the quality of our ministry, but also feel much more spiritual strength. You can’t imagine how needed and important it is for us and Christians in Poland.