Haiti short term mission 2014 - Day 2

Day 2

Wow what a day. What a night actually. Usually I start by talking about the day but I'll start with tonight. It. Is. Breathtaking. So many stars are out and me court and are laying on the roof watching the star and the heat lightning in the distance. Words can't describe how Gorgeous this is. Anyways, I "woke" up this morning after not really sleeping last night. We had pancakes for breakfast which were very good and American. It was also at breakfast where I found out I kept everyone else (the five other guys) up last night with my sleepwalking/talking. Feel bad about that and pray I don't do it tonight but I'm worried because there's nothing I can do about it. It was so hot in our room last night and then it was even hotter under the mosquito nets. After my shower alongside the cockroaches last night I hopped right in bed and was already sweating. It was hot. It's cooler tonight though so I'm hopeful to get some sleep. After Breakfast we went over to Respire again for church. Upon arriving we were told we would need to walk to church. This is different because last year we really stayed in the confines of our establishment and didn't walk around the community, but here we were walking down the one lane dirt road "street" to church. We showed up late because we fortunately missed a turn. Church started at 9 and we got there at 9:45. Everything was in Creole and it was interesting. They sang forever what seemed like the same song and it went on and on. Then the preacher got up and started preaching, again in creole, which was difficult. Our whole trip admitted to nodding off a little in church. After church, we went back to respire and changed out of our long pants to be ready for packing day. We unnpacked, sorted, and repacked all 22 50-pound bags of candy, food, clothes, and cleats. This sucked, it was so hot. But we powered through with the help of a few respire kids. After we packed we headed up to the respire school, which is the beautiful facility on top of the mountain from the pictures. Last year when we got the tour we were told about the multitude of plans they had for the facility, this year we got to see the plans come to life. This was awesome. Great progress which made me happy. The other thing to comment on was that the view from respire had many more buildings from last year, which means the surrounding community is progressing as well. After staying up there for awhile we came back to Happy Kids where we went to watch a game of World Cup at a local "bar". We had some local food there which was good and seemed to go down fine but we will see tomorrow. After that we came back at around 7 and just hungout before devotions. Me and some others went over in the neighborhood and watched some kids playing some soccer. The ball was crappy and the goals were sticks in the ground placed wide enough for about two soccer balls; pretty cool setup. We are going to try and play tomorrow and bring them a new ball. We will see! for now I'm going to enjoy the night and hope and pray that I sleep tonight because God knows I need it! Thanks for reading!