New Wine

December 30 - January 27

Series Big Idea - Discipleship is actively and intentionally choosing a different way to live. Following Jesus means we put him into the leadership position. Maybe you've heard the phrase,"the view doesn't change if you're not the lead dog." Following Jesus means we make a conscious effort to live in a transformed way. Previous life experiences can often derail a robust love for Christ and community. What if Jesus offers a new life and a whole new way to understand the experiences of our previous life? Much like the process of wine making, everything is used to create something extraordinary. In the crushing, in the pressing, God is making something new. Our story is never wasted. If we are going to be true to ourselves and to God, we must be our most surrendered, healed and healthy selves. We must be the ones God created us to be.Our souls are designed to respond to God's truth. Temptation is real. If our temptations had 'warning labels' what would they say? Deception is designed to draw us away from God's Truth so our attention, affection and worship is misplaced. God doesn't expect perfection, but he does expect us to be completely surrendered to him.

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