Being Thankful is God's Idea

thankful heart, a_std_t_nv.jpg

I hit the wall.

Sometimes I get stuck. Busy lives filled with demands of work, family and friends can be draining. Sometimes I feel like I'm constantly vision casting and trying to propel things forward but receive little or no movement in response. Visions can get overwhelmed with details. Sometimes I find my original thoughts and hopes hijacked by a powerful personality or a situation that emerges. Pretty soon I just give up. I hit the wall.

Maybe you've had that experience, too. The only thing that really helps me move on is gratitude. Thankfulness can shift my attitude and compliment what has already been accomplished. Thankfulness helps me recognize that subtle nudges over time move visions along further than I realize.

Thankfulness is a discipline. True humility can saturate our heart and mind when we are disciplined to be thankful. In the book of Leviticus, we read how God provided a similar way for the people of Israel to be thankful and to give praise. They were to bring a peace offering that affirmed their covenant and identified them as a fellowship. Interestingly, peace, gratitude and fellowship were all seamlessly woven together in this important Levitical offering. If you want to learn more about the peace offering, click here.

Gratitude releases us from self-pity. It challenges us to identify God's greater creativity in the lives of others and consider the bigger picture. God is always at work in the larger scheme of life. We can all be thankful for the little wins along the way that lead to greater wins God's way. We start a new mini-series this week called Thank•ol•o•gy: The Study of Being Thankful. Being thankful is God's idea. It can transform us from selfish individuals who believe in entitlement and deservedness into humble people who are inspired to do good things for God and others.

"From the fullness of his grace we have received on blessing after another. For the law came through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ." John 1:16-17 [NIV]



-Pastor Jen Wilson