Marriage Is God's Idea

"My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me." -Winston Churchill

Marriage is God's idea. I don't think any of us has the capacity to generate a vision like this on our own. We are mostly selfish creatures of habit. But, in contrast, God's vision for marriage demonstrates his belief that we can overcome our selfish cravings and become someone greater than we already are. The Bible describes marriage as a spiritual covenant that is binding and sacred reflecting the covenant between God and his people. No other relationship is to rival the covenant of marriage. There are certain parameters, expectations and behaviors that protect and preserve what the bible describes as sacred and holy.

Marriage challenges us to think beyond our selfish aspirations. God equipped us with competence and hope. We can learn. We can apply what we learn. We can grow and develop. But, we have to do our part. Here are some resources for you to consider as we talk about marriage this weekend. Let's really make an effort to focus on God's big idea and how we can capture his vision for a fulfilled life in marriage.

Family Life is a website designed to help support you in your marriage. Listen to Paul Tripp talk about what he thinks sabotages all relationships here.

Focus on the Family has developed resources for families for decades. This website will give you some fresh perspectives. Focus has truly come into the 21st century and developed some great advice and tools. Check them out here

Cloud-Townsend Resources are favorites for all relationships. Check out Dr. John Townsend as he gives a two-minute talk on divorce here

Have you ever wondered what successful married couples have in common? Here are stories of couples who've been married over 35 years. Check their stories out here

"For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance." -Matthew 25:29a NIV