What is your view of the world?

Meekness-a calm temper of mind, not easily provoked, humble, willing to suffer under oppression. Easton's Bible Dictionary.

None of us are neutral when it comes to understanding how the world works. We all have a huge depository of experiences, images, memories and a whole lot of other stuff that contributes to what we believe and why. Our total set of beliefs or assumptions is called our worldview. Think of your worldview as a pair of lenses you use to see the world. Imagine what happens if you put on the wrong pair of glasses. What you see can be blurry. But, imagine putting on the right pair of glasses and everything you see becomes crystal-clear.

Sometimes we can have a distorted view of ourselves and others. I noticed I can often be harder on myself than I need to be. But there are plenty of times when I go easy on myself when I truly need to be convicted and repentant. I know I need an outside point of view to keep me focused on becoming more like Jesus. I need a constant reminder that my own worldview needs transformation. I need to start with me before I set out to change the world for someone else.

This may appear amazingly easy or even cliche. But, just because I envision a concept in my mind about how relationships are supposed to work doesn't mean all my relationships are working well or healthy. Healthy relationships require transformed hearts not just transformed brains.

So, can we know our hearts are being transformed? I think we can begin by identifying some Christ-like behaviors like humility, teachability, patience during suffering and being willing to follow gospel teaching even when the teaching collides with the world views of others. Our confidence rests clearly on the power of God's word and the active presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Do a little self-assessment this week. Get your vision tested. Is it time for a new pair of glasses?

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5

-Pastor Jen