Think Big. Start Small.

We have to be truthful and practical as we obediently work to make God’s vision a reality. We need to consider whether or not we’re doing all we can for God. Are we building his Kingdom and making every effort to build what he desires? Or are we chasing after our own desires and outcomes? Small steps blessed by God have great impact. It's pretty easy to spot someone who is completely in God's corner. God gets all the glory for the success. That's really it.

When God begins to move, we need to be prepared for the miracle God can do. For me, being prepared means I am humble before God, surrendered to his leadership and open to whatever comes my way. It's like God is the Major League pitcher and I am the catcher. He decides what pitch. I respond to his leading. I have to do some serious self-talk before I go into a challenging conversation or situation. I've learned to put my preconceived ideas and my very strong feelings aside in order to be present when the challenge comes. God's pitch can be high and outside or right down the middle. Either way, I must be flexible and adaptable to the pitch. Otherwise, it'll go right by. Good thing God likes to give me a lot of practice.

Here's how we can start small but have a huge impact:

  1. Greater relationships: speak affirming words and build each other up by constructive life-giving language and practice. Identify and practice how you can speak Godly words to build others up.
  2. Greater financial impact for the Kingdom: start using our money in God-honoring ways, pay down our debt and don’t get into any more debt. Live within Godly and healthy boundaries. Identify how your financial situation can get better and make small steps toward generosity.
  3. Greater holiness: practice healthy spiritual disciplines. Scripture reading and memorization, prayer, worship, service, fasting, giving. Identify whether or not you’re really doing all you can to create holiness and a place for God to reside in you.

One important reason we may feel insecure about our situation is because we compare our behind-the-scenes footage with everyone else’s highlight reel. Sometimes we can listen to someone's incredible faith adventure story and wonder why we're not experiencing the same vitality. Comparisons aren't helpful when it comes to following God. Everyone's faith journey is unique. I don't know how to compare Jonah's whale-of-a-story to Joshua's marching around a city seven times. But, I can tell you, the still small voice Elijah heard and Elisha followed is the voice I can trust to lead me into the belly or around the block.

Stop waiting for what you want, and start working what you have. This can turn your greatest frustration into your greatest potential innovation. If you'll do your part, God will begin to do what only He can do: He'll make your box bigger.” Pastor Steven Furtick, Greater.

-Pastor Jen