Imagine for a moment that you had all the power and authority of the universe at your fingertips. 

Would you engage and deal with the world and its problems or disengage altogether remaining distant, aloof and uninterested? How would you handle the overt infractions or the intricate subtleties of the sin? What steps would you take to deal with corruption in the halls of the world’s governments? How would you handle the nuances of culture, compassion and human flourishing? What exactly would you do about human sexuality, marriage, families and the vast array of human relationships? Are limitations part of your plan, if so how do they work?

I believe we all have dreamed about what we would do if we were in charge. It’s a common slippery slope and a temptation for every one of us. Eve succumbed to it. The devil even tried to tantalized Jesus with it unsuccessfully.  Our human arrogance will shift into overdrive in an instant with the first whiff of power. Power is intoxicating. It ignites something within us that blinds us to reality and strengthens our pretentious human nature to believe we can handle it. But, power’s essence is to consume. It will exhaust it’s fuel source—often those we love or lead--with it’s insatiable appetite for more until every last bit the fuel source is drained and it finally burns out. Poof! It’s gone.

So, maybe you’re wondering, how does God handle all that power? Why does he even give us access to something so dangerous?

Scripture declares that Jesus has been given all power and authority in Heaven and on earth. (Matthew 28:18) How is it possible for Jesus to have power but not be consumed by it? Jesus doesn’t keep things secret. He shows us the way. Jesus chooses to let us in on what he’s up to and how to live the powerfully abundant life he’s more than willing to offer. His choice is to reveal God’s plans and Kingdom goals. He winsomely continues to attract people to follow him and extends an invitation to “come and see.” 

As a matter of fact, Jesus delivers a number of invitations. He has big plans. There is so much to do. I want to get started on fulfilling his plans for Wheatland Salem Church. I believe he is being more clear and decisive as we continue to surrender our hearts and minds to him. It’s about surrendering the mini-power source we’ve been given in exchange for his mega-watt power source—the Holy Spirit. God reminds us his plans are higher and greater: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.” Isaiah 55:8 NIV

So, this year we will read the Gospel of John together during the season of Lent. Come and see. Invite friends. Open your heart to your family and colleagues to the awesome invitations of the Kingdom of God. Who knows, maybe you will respond to one of the invitations and your life will be utterly changed. You may even discover a whole new direction. He’s ready. Are you?

“Turning around, Jesus saw them following and asked, “What do you want?” They said, “Rabbi-which means ’Teacher', where are you staying?” "Come and see,” he replied. John 1:38-39 NIV

-Pastor Jen