I call it my anchor theory!

It’s deep. It’s what holds me together when everything is falling apart. 

Bill and I love to sail. One day we hope to take an extended vacation on a sailboat. I love the cold water and the icy wind is friendly to me. So Lake Superior or Lake Michigan are on the list. One thing that every captain comprehends is how to securely anchor their vessel whether the waves are still or rolling. We all know that our lives are in jeopardy if our vessel isn’t secure. Talk to anyone who’s rowed a fishing boat into waters they wanted to fish only to discover their boat was carried farther and farther away from that hot spot because the undercurrent was stronger than they expected it to be. Or worse, the captain didn’t even notice the undercurrent until it was too late. It takes forethought, commitment and skill to secure your boat.

You may need a picture to capture what I am talking about. I encourage you to go to West Marine’s sight here: https://www.westmarine.com/WestAdvisor/How-To-Anchor-Securely

Solid rock can be a captain’s best friend when it comes to securely anchoring your vessel large or small. Setting your anchor in a rock bed makes all the difference. Imagine setting your anchor in shifting sand or getting it caught in something that felt secure but with just a little wind your vessel was torn away. Now imagine what it means to have your anchor hold in high seas or a storm. 

So, this anchor theory is what I use when it comes to what I believe with regards to scripture, theology and doctrine. I have explored many different expressions of God Talk. A friend of mine suggested to me years ago that I know my opponent’s arguments better than he does when it comes to arguing points of scripture, theology or doctrine. I’ve explored the expansive world of biblical interpretation. I listened as creative ideas and astute philosophy was presented with great vim and vigor. I had fun discovering the Nag Hammadi Library, reading books and articles written by current and ancient theologians that helped me develop ontological clarity and I dove deeply into the current political ocean with regards to politics, feminism, racism and the LGBT issues

My little boat has been tossed by rogue waves. It has been challenged by fierce winds. It has also been caught in the doldrums. But my anchor holds.

My anchor theory may not work for everybody. I tend to feel secure in the power of Christ Jesus to rescue any one of us and his ability to either quiet the storm or walk on challenging waters. My devotion to Christ has flourished. The Holy Trinity as the perfect divine community and the blueprint for the perfect church community became more of a reality for me as I understood the diverse dimension of each of the Three Persons and their unique role within that Holy Perfect Community. Politics continue to drive secular culture. I became an astute student of Jesus and his way to confront secular social issues with the agape so readily available to him from heaven. I believe that I could become more like Jesus with more help from the Holy Spirit. A vision of the local church emerged as I captured in my heart what it would be like if people became more like Jesus and we built a church that reflected what Jesus intended. That vision keeps me going most days.

Sunday we welcome the candidates from India, Tanzania, Jordan and Poland at the Naperville campus for worship at 8:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. Our Faith Promise partner from China may also be with us. We all share the general revelation about Jesus Christ. But, we will discover how each culture interprets Christ Jesus in their own individual diverse contexts. How Jesus is interpreted within each of these contexts is fascinating to me. How do people in India come to know Jesus as the unique expression of God among the 300 million gods and goddesses? Africans experience a deep sense of Pentecost every time they worship—could this be our time to receive our Pentecost too? What happens when Arabs, Syrians and Persians commit to Christ with the Holy Spirit fire in their hearts? Europe is currently a secular society entrenched deeply within an ancient Catholic community—where is the space for Wesleyans and grace? China is a dark place for Christians but the Light still shines in the hearts of millions under the cloak of persecution—the Church still lives and flourishes.

Maybe it’s time for you to consider what you truly believe about the bible, theology and doctrine. Check your anchor. Be sure it holds.

This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast. Hebrews 6:19 NASB

Pastor Jen