Haiti short term mission 2014 - day 4

There are moments when you realize God is making an impact through your willingness to "go and do." It's been four years now that we have brought a team to Haiti to share God's love through the a ball and some resources. 

This year's opening ceremony had all the pageantry of any of the world cups: Flags, players parading on the field and even the raising of the Haiti flag. God provided a sound system for elaborate introductions and speeches from each team captain. We had a stadium with fans as well as all the passion of the upcoming games. The excitement was thick in the air.  More importantly, the Holy Spirit was present in full power. John and Pat did a great job sharing the gospel with soccer balls as props. Go figure! There was lunch for 300, a warm summer rain and impromptu Futsal game with the bystanders on the basketball court. We heard laughter, watched smiles break out and witnessed true kinship between people of different countries. 
The games were incredible. We were amazed by the improvement of the level of play from last year.  It was beautiful to see.  It was a great reminder that we do make a difference! There is change and growth! 
We witnessed God's love and generosity in the Haitian people. For example a few of us were asked to help prepare for lunch by getting water. It was an eye-opening experience in what Haitians do on a daily basis! Water bags are heavy! I'm sure we were a sight! Picture six Americans (5 girls and 1 brave guy) walking through a small trail in a field struggling to carry 2 bags of water. There were lots of different strategies and many stops to rest and readjust. Then out of nowhere came little Haitian children to help us! The bags weighed more than they did.
We saw the end in sight. Only one more obstacle. A ditch that the younger ones could just over easily without bags to carry. Well, Ayla thought better to not jump but on the way out of the ditch her bag hit the side and broke open. All the tiny bags of water scattered in the dirt. A woman came over immediately to help. Later, While Bob was chatting with a team during lunch he saw 2 little boys approach a player. They were his brothers.  He instantaneously handed over the remainder of his meal from them to share!
The last game and a half brought some refreshing rain from the heavens. We Americans took advantage of the cool break by running in the rain. The people looked at us and like we were crazy. (Fu'. In Creole)

After all was wrapped up at the stadium, we called our trusted driver Marc to pick us up and drive us to our new neighborhood hang out 'Kayimil' for the USA vs Belgium game. We all know how it ended but it was cool to share it with the locals.  We had so much passion at the end that even they were starting to clear for USA!

After a coke and Haitian appetizers we still had room for another delicious meal from our Happy Kids hosts. As we sat together at the end of the day to review the day, do the Crave bible study and "plan" the following day the team had many God moments to share. To sum up the day.....priceless!