Haiti Short-term mission 2014 (Day 5)

Today was day four in our adventure to serve God in Haiti. Started off with an amazing breakfast of toast, some omelets, and melon. Quickly after, we headed to the stadium for the second day of the tournament. Today was a day of love. We shared, not only love from person to person, but love to others from God. We opened with his word as John spoke about how everyone needs Jesus in their lives. Before he spoke, the teams went to the corner with the big FIFA flags and walked out, all official, creating a big circle so everyone could hear. After John's speech was over we, as a group, proceeded to give every team a ball with the story of Jesus written in creole all over it. Along with that they received several new testaments. With some generous donations, we were also able to give each player a bag with a shirt in it. The teams warmed up and our group joined in doing some passing and juggling with them. The games began and you could tell the Respire team was pumped. They scored a few really nice goals and it was amazing to see how they all connected on the field. Off the field many things were happening. Instead of only some of the girls carrying multiple 30lbs bags of water through the streets like yesterday, the whole team and more came to help. (The girls woke up sore) Most people only carried one this time and brought it back to the stadium. Next was the food. This was way further into the village and you could tell. The population went up, amount of little stores went up, and there was a lot more stares! Almost all of the people responded to our "bonjours" as we walked down the streets. You would be surprised how many smiles were sparked just by saying that single word, and that was just a little part of the love i was talking about earlier. We arrived at the market empty handed and left with 240 boxes of food. Deciding later, let's go get more food. Giving these Haitians food, praying over it, and telling them its all from God is a wonderful reminder that it is not us that is providing all of it, but God. He is only working through us to give it to them, but we could never feed hundreds without him. It was clearly written on some of the kids faces as they received their food, they felt loved. All of us connected with people outside of the field, making new friends and having a few good laughs. Once the games were over, all of us lined up to give a medal and shake hands with each player. Every single player, by the time they got to the end of the line, had a smile on their face. Many of us were goofing around a little bit with it but even without that you could tell they were smiling because they felt loved. This tournament wasn't just a couple soccer games. It was a place for people to make friends, learn about god, and spread some love. Day two of the tournament was over for everyone but us. We got to experience how to do laundry Haitian style. We washed one of the respire teams uniforms and it was a really neat experience. Another reminder of what we are blessed with and the daily things we may take advantage of. Following that, we went to the restaurant Will and Adam had been hyping us up about. It was a seafood shack totally themed out like you were near a beach. The floor was sand, it had fish decorations, and was really impressive. The food was more impressive though. They served us potato salad and lobster bisque soup, with your main course following that, and some mixed fruits with a sweet sauce on top for dessert. The cook also spoke english so we were able to talk to him and thank him for our feast. Right across the street from that was a gas station/ bakery. We all walked in surprised and thankful for how cool it was in there. We bought some chocolate and ice cream and other little treats. Heading back to Happy Kids we got to listen to Courtney Emily and Lauren try to sing Pitch Perfect and Wicked songs. Lets just say it gave us all a good laugh. I think we accomplished all we wanted to today. It was a wonderful day.

with love, Ayla and Brian Kibler