Day 5 Haiti 2015


For many when they think of Haiti, they think of heat. For me, I always think of roosters.  Everywhere I have ever stayed in Haiti seems to have its own population of the noisy creatures.  The rooster crow always makes me think of the apostle Peter.  After declaring his love to Jesus, Jesus told him that before the rooster crowed he would deny him three times.  Peter did deny knowing Jesus and when the rooster crowed, Peter’s heart broke. He had indeed denied knowing the Lord.  When I hear that sound, (which is 24/7 around here) I feel the conviction and heartbreak of knowing like Peter I have failed to fully acknowledge Christ in my life.   

Today was the first day of the Respire soccer tournament.  It was fun to cheer for a school and team we have all come to love.  Respire Christian school and it's Love Plus One Medical Clinic are truly Christ’s light in the world.   Watching Pastor Bob share the gospel and sharing gifts of Creole New Testament’s as well as a Gospel ball for each team(a soccer ball with the Gospels Good news, again written in Creole), has been a fun and easy way to share God’s truths. 

It was hot today, there were roosters today, we are in Haiti after all.  But tonight as the rooster crows I rejoice in my obedience today in sharing the Good News of Christ Jesus and I celebrate sharing it with a team of wonderful people who serve the same Lord and Savior.