Day six in Haiti 2015

Day two of the Respire soccer tournament. After the rare rain storm the night before is was hot and a lot mugger than usual, but of course nothing in Haiti stops because of the heat. After fresh pancakes for breakfast we made our way to the stadium where the tournament was. It was heart wrenching day as both the U15 and U11 teams lost, however I couldn’t have been more joyful to see how much of an impact these school teams have on the players and to know how well they knew God.  
       During the half time we setup a little mini game where we had the little guys kick a ball into the net and we recorded the speed with a radar gun. For each person that shot a ball got a piece of candy. I have never had so many people around me that were just swarming me for single piece of candy. I don't think there was a minute of today where I  wasn't being begged at for a ball or candy or one of the multi-colored bracelets that we were giving out.
       The tournament day ended around four and we went home to eat some dinner of chicken rice and beans. And we decided to go for some ice cream. The only problem was that we needed a ride and the driver didn't show up ‘till eight and vehicle of choice was a pickup with five seats to seat 14… So after a sketchy ride on the back of a pickup we walk into the first air conditioned building since Miami airport! I'm looking forward to the declared ‘kid’s night’ tonight. Should be a bunch of fun!