Day Seven in Haiti 2015

Haiti Day 7

The day began early. The team was up by 6:30am and out the front gate by 7:30am. We walked up to the Respire Café for breakfast and then over to the stadium. The games began at 8ish. We watched championship games, handed out medals and  trophies. We had 9 year old, 11 year old, 13 year old, 15 year old,  18 year old championship games along with a woman's game. The games were great. Unfortunately, Respire had only one champion out of all the categories but it was a wonderful day of friendship.

We fed every team, our security team and the Respire interns with a piece of chicken, black beans and rice. We also provided every team two bags of water before and during the games. The day was intensely hot. We were operating this tournament in 100+ degree heat! The younger teams took water breaks but the others played straight through. It was really an interesting day of conversation and little blessings. The short term mission team received a special treat from one of our ministry partners who showed up with some Haitian watermelon and mangos during the tournament. There is nothing like watermelon on a July 4th weekend. It really added a special spirit of celebration. 

My God moment came after the girls soccer game. Just before handing the winning team their trophy, I reflected back to the first time the girls tried to play at New Life Children’s home and they were jeered. It was really heart warming to see a high level of woman’s soccer knowing none of these girls even played soccer a little more than three years ago. It was also amazing to hear the screams of support from the crowd. The shoot-out was was of the most exciting of them all. “Surreal” is the only word that fits tonight.

The days fly by. The work is hard. The days and nights are hot. However, the friendship is pure and memories are for ever. We finished the evening with a surprise party for our host (Adam), a talent show and a later night of conversation. 

I love serving in this place.